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Nebraska's Democratic candidate for governor, Stormy Dean is embarrassing party members by his daily mudslinging negative campaign. Republican incumbent Mike Johanns has thus far rebuffed his "foul-weather" opponent in a dignified way, but Dean dare not push his luck much longer. Dean should be told by dignified Democrats like J. James Exon and others, the old political adage, "The only thing a candidate gets by slinging mud, is losing ground." You are always welcome to argue with me and my opinions. Let me give the Dean of Dumb some suggestions which might have some political merit. If he or any of you want to join the party, read on, log on and share with the world your opinion along with mine.

"Foul-Weather" Dean has created another forum topic for dunces and dingbats! Who ever said the taxpayers have to pick up the tab for whining women and wimpy men who chose to ABUSE kids by being parents in the first place. Why the hell can't the responsible parties pay ALL THE EXPENSES for the children they create rather than dumping their marriages - that is, if they ever even took time to legitimize the relationships.

Let's make those who MAKE THE CHOICE TO BE SINGLE PARENT FAMILIES (a term which is greatly over-used and abused) be forced to bear the full expense of their jollies and follies. Those who create children must be held accountable for their acts and actions.

Perhaps it is time to pass a law to clearly cover those cases where PARENTS who neglect or refuse to provide the total expense of raising their children in a clean, safe and nurturing environment, by and through such irresponsible conduct, forfeit their parental rights as a matter of law.

Thus, if taxpayers are going to pay the tab for raising these children, at least there would be some assurance that such would take place in a safe, clean and caring environment. Another available option for the state would be placing these kids up for adoption to MARRIED COUPLES (one man and one woman), who have the desire, means and ability to provide TWO PARENT family homes in which proper nurturing might take place.

Women who become pregnant ON PURPOSE (in many instances multiple times), so as to allow themselves to set on their butts and become government subsidized soap-opera queens should not be allowed the privilege of being a "Mom." "Sperm donors" who impregnate more than one woman out of wedlock should be neutered after the second time, without exception!

Dead-beat dads and dead-beat moms who abuse kids in any way, should in my opinion, be flogged in front of the County-City Building once a month until they prove to be responsible providers for their offsprings as an example to others who can't keep their trousers zipped and their panties on!

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