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The capitol city of Nebraska could become the subject of a new TV series - The Tale of Two Ninnies! After our local version of Edith Bunker prevailed over "Meathead" in the last mayoral election, I chose to be nice to her, even more civil than my ongoing critic - Joe Hampton - would hope me ever to be. Those days are over! I have now graduated from the political brouhaha and have resigned myself to serve my community, my city, my county, my state and my nation as an "almost neutral" observer of governmental goof-offs and commentator on same. I promise not to discriminate against anyone with regard to race, color or greed!

None of the geeks in government have anything I need or want! Unlike those who continuously suck-up to the mayor, the city council, the county board, the state legislature or his majesty, the governor, for favors, appointments, zoning, etc., etc, all of the aforesaid will hence forth be considered "fair game" and there will be perpetual "open season"(figuratively speaking). To the maximum extent verbal abuse is lawful, those deserving such should expect to get such in this forum.

I will make even more popular as the one source of information both the elected and the rejected will feel compelled to check out daily to see who is doing what to which and to whom or "whom-all." By the way, is now averaging over 1,000 "hits" per week and has been found by all major search engines. The mouse that roars is heard by a good deal more folks.

First, let me address a statement made by Mark Bertsche of Lincoln in the edition of the Journal Star which hit my front porch early this morning. Bertsche stays, "If Fortenberry has the level of clout to draw White House attention to the Cornhusker Nation" it causes him (Bertsche) "to consider him" (Fortenberry) "as a formidable candidate." Mark, you have now attained what I believe to be "Moron Status" by your stupid statement. Vice-President Dick Cheney didn't come here because Jeff Fortenberry asked him to come, the vice-president came here because Duane Acklie, Republican National Committeeman, and other Republican "high rollers" arranged the gig. Cheney didn't know Fortenberry from a box of rocks and by now, probably has forgotten his name (but not the big hair and teeth).

When the one chosen to be head of security of the Republican National Convention to be held in a few weeks in New York City - Duane Acklie - calls the White House or even the little house out behind, HE GETS THROUGH! Not even the calorically challenged chairman of the state Republican Party has enough "clout" to "draw White House attention." For that matter, neither does "Doug Who." Let's not give the boy with the "Big Hair" the big head just yet. Selling ads in a trade publication is a far cry from selling the people of the First Congressional District of Nebraska on who to vote for in November.

There is a lot of merit to the position which holds that ALL of the costs of a political fund raiser should be paid by those who sponsor the event or the one who benefits from it. Good judgment, however, would dictate that all of those arrangements should be made a part of the pre-visit agreements. Who is to say how many of Casady's Commandos would be needed to protect the visitor from physical harm. Chief Tom and the Secret Service advance team would have no trouble working out details and costs in advance and make such a part of the expected cost of the fund raiser. They could probably even arrange a private courtesy coffee for the dignitary hosted by Mama Seng and Weird Werner (sorry Wally, you lost your title).

But hey, this is not the first time that "PPPPP" (Piss Poor Political Prior Planning) has become the subject of local "big time" news. Having the head of state from the former Soviet Union show up in our town when "Go Big Red" signs were flying everywhere probably came close to causing World War III. Look for "PPPPP" to be a subject addressed in future epistles.

Those who bitch and moan about downtown streets being blocked off have a legitimate grievance. Out on 84th Street we have a very large facility built by and for people who horse around a lot more than most politicians which would have been an excellent venue for the V.P. visit. Plenty of parking, ease of security, access to major streets (without clogging up downtown) and probably at a far less expense to the function sponsors would seem to have made the infamous "Ag-center" an ideal place for the fund raiser. Both the candidate and the V.P. could have had pictures taken on a tractor or a combine for later incorporation into TV ads. But Noooooooo! The Country Club Republicans and their conniving cronies couldn't have an event for the "Real Republicans" at affordable prices, they had to "put on the dog" for the visiting veep.

Dick Cheney, according to all I have heard about him, has not let his political position poison his personality. He is not only an executive's executive, but a man's man - a regular guy! While his wife can be a gracious gal at a gala event, I'm told she to is a kind and sweet lady who would not at all have been offended by being the event being held in a less swanky place.

Chalk this one up as an unfortunate learning experience. Take Fortenberry's campaign committee's offer to pony up $15,000 and write the rest off as bad city planning. Or, mayor Bunker, you and the "Tycoon of Discount Travel" could hit the two teachers Cheney visited up for the balance. The vice president thinking enough of his former teachers to pay them a personal visit was a touch of class. The actions of Seng and those of other vociferous Democrats are definitely a reflection of NO CLASS!

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