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After a week of taking steps to put vansopinion back on line after the site was hacked five times, we hope that my readers won’t be inconvenienced further. We strongly suspect that Congressman John Sullivan and his stooges are not happy with a previous story which predicted Kathy Taylor would oppose Bill LaFortune in the General mayoral election forthcoming. My predictions were so accurate, the Tulsa County Republican operatives are now experiencing anal isometrics (that’s where it puckers evenly all the way around}. And rightly so, let me tell you here, before you hear and read it in the media what the results of next weeks voting will be. Both John Sullivan and Jim Inhofe had better have nitroglycerine tablets handy if they choose to read further.

Last night, the Executive Committee of the Tulsa G.O.P. held and "emergency meeting" to conjure up ways to pull Bill LaFortune’s re-election bid out of the potty. After around two hours of ya-ya, the only thing the members could agree upon was an effort to "get the vote out", but there are strong indications anti-Sullivan and anti-Inhofe Republicans will not vote in the mayoral race. They know LaFortune can not win and they don’t want to be betting on a loosing horse.

Here is the problems as I see it, the rock solid conservative Republicans are fed up with John Sullivan and a greater than expected number are tooling up to dump him in his own re-election bid later this year. Many are convinced that it was "John Boy" Sullivan’s endorsement of LaFortune which was the mayor’s "Kiss of Death." The election next week will present early indications of what the likelihood of Sullivan’s future in congress might be.

In order to protect "John Boy" his mentor, U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe weighs in and becomes involved in the Tulsa mayoral primary by backing Randi Miller the Tulsa County Commissioner from the Second District. Inhofe’s operatives thought Miller would pull votes from Chris Medlock whose candidacy had been hyped by radio talk show Mike Del Giorno along with the "talking head’s" habitual bashing of LaFortune. Thus, Ms. Miller was used and abused by the senator in his attempt to protect Sullivan’s endorsee LaFortune. Actually Inhofe never ever thought Miller could be elected, but rather, would serve as his pawn on the chess board of Tulsa politics. That was dirty political dealing of the first magnitude!

Then comes Sullivan’s "Chief of Crap" Richard Hedegcock who was a party to the false allegations and charges concerning Kathy Taylor’s voting in two states. HEDGCOCK TOLD ME ON THE PHONE THAT HIS OFFICE HAD "THE DOCUMENTS." A very dumb things for him to do. We learned from reasonably good sources that a Democrat attorney and his wife were also torpedoing Taylor politically, possibly intending for the attorney to run against Sullivan himself.

The people of Tulsa have now learned that the charges of voting irregularity leveled against Kathy Taylor were false and without foundation. Frankly, I hope she sues the britches off of the malefactors who gave authorities false information about her. In some states, giving false information to law enforcement officials is A CRIME!

The people of Tulsa will reward Kathy Taylor for staying on "the high road" while Republican evil doers and the devious Democratic attorney were traveling on a lower level by giving her an overwhelming victory at the polls.

The Tulsa mayoral election is about things much greater than who will be the next mayor of the former Oil Capitol of the World (my hometown), it is about whether or not Congressman John Sullivan and Senator Jim Inhofe have, through their meddling in the local election process have alienated the Republican voters sufficient to cause their own political demise.

The word on the street is that conservative Republicans AND DEMOCRATS will be demanding that each of their parties return to their historic roots. From my vantage, the "culture of corruption" in congress warrants dumping all of the bums!

And now, here is what you will hear and read later today and tomorrow: Bill LaFortune 34%, Kathy Taylor 50%, Independent candidates 5%. These figures will be slightly modified by how the 12% of the voters who are currently "Undecided" cast their ballots. Even if they all vote for LaFortune, if Taylor’s votes hold up, HE CAN NOT WIN!

People of Tulsa, I predict that you must get used to hearing the words......Mayor Kathy Taylor!

Congratulations in advance to Mayor Taylor, she will do well!

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