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The movie Dumb and Dumber was about two stupid guys crossing the country. Those who produced that movie could have produced a low-brow and low budget sequel by setting up cameras in the Nebraska Legislature during the last several days of this years session. The King Cobra of caustic comment, Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha, unleashed venom by the buckets full and called his colleagues every nasty, bigoted, condescending term in the book and some likely taken from rest room walls for allowing his "help the homosexuals" bill to be killed for this session. None of the senatorial "wimps" and "wimpettes" had the courage to take him on and shut him up.

The spectator galleries contained a number of what I heard referred to as "fruits and nuts" as Legislative Bill 19, which would forbid discrimination against gays and lesbians in the job market and workplace was killed by the clock and multiple amendments offered and argued by Lincoln Senator Mike Foley who gave the vociferous viper, the bigoted barber from North Omaha a dose of his own medicine. While Chambers referred to Foley's "extended debate" as "dull and boring", the Foley filibuster ran out the clock and thus kept the senators from voting on the bill which would have been an employer's nightmare if passed into law.

Bad enough when Lutheran Senator Kermit Brashear, also from Omaha took a series of vile cheap shots at Catholic Foley over the tactics Kermit's godless buddy Ernie uses ad nauseam. It must have had something to do with Brashear needing Chamber's vote to remain chair of the Legislature's Judiciary Committee. In any case, the public display of sucking up to Ernie was enough to make even a Baptist barf.

Then the guitar picking thespian, Senator David Landis of Lincoln put on a performance that was, as is often the case, far less than stellar. Misquoting the Bible and claiming that Jesus didn't discriminate and that He never "shunned" anyone. Lawyer Landis proved to the world that he obviously has never read the "Good Book" to which he frequently refers. Seems to me that Jesus "shunned" a few bums by throwing them out of the temple. Wouldn't have surprised me in the slightest to have heard David, who told the body he had homosexuals in his own family, have something well bent out of context to say about the Scribes and Pharisees (or is it Fairysees).

Then from the back of the chamber came the pathetic plea of Senator Lowen Kruse trying to out scripture Landis in support of LB-19 by saying, "there's no scriptural statement on homosexual orientation" and that he didn't "see the relevance of religion" in the discussion about giving homosexual special protected status in the workplace. Showing his "second year stupidity" Kruse stated he "didn't even know his own wives sexual orientation" and that she didn't know his. Must be an interesting marriage. Crusin' for a verbal brusin' Kruse even said, in reference to homosexuals, "They are wired different" and you can "tell one by the way they look and the way they walk." He told his colleagues that questioning one's sexual orientation was "Un- American" He later had to flip-flop a bit to get both of his feet out of his mouth.

Chambers was wound for Wednesday and set about whacking a number of bills by attempting to amend such to include "sexual orientation" in every imaginable way. He lambasted the Catholics, the Christians, White People and simple-minded senators referring to them as hypocrites, hollow-headed and by a variety of other demeaning terms, finally referring to the other members of the legislature as stupid jackasses.

If there was just one member of the legislature who was not so engrossed in his or her own agenda that they would stand up to the bigoted belligerent barber and blast his blabbering butt with brilliant banter, he might be quiet. Problem is, there is not one other person currently serving in the legislature with the ability to do so. Setting still, like wimps and wimpettes letting him ramble on is clear evidence of dumb, dumber and dumbest.

Chambers rambles on about being a descendant of slaves. Call his hand, let him prove that he even knows his linage back more than a couple of generations. Like all liberal losers, when they can't deal with adversaries in an adult and intelligent way, they resort to name calling. I wonder what the senator who refers to the other members of the legislature using racial and religions slurs, referring to them as jackasses, would like it if one of the senators happened to muster the courage and requested the chairman of the body to rule the big mouth, sacrilegious, name calling black bastard out of order the next time garbage mouth Ernie engaged in un-gentleman like conduct?

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